The complete solution to animal research

An intuitive iOS app helping researchers manage their rodent colonies

Keep Individualized Records

All animals are individualized for better record keeping. Track each animal’s history, assign unique IDs, labels, notes, procedures, and more!

You can still create and edit batches of animals.

Import your Previous Colony

Don’t start from scratch! Just import your previous colony with our easy onboarding steps.

Manage Complex Genotypes

Rodent genetics can get complicated, easily manage your transgenics lines.

Get Notified

Set your husbandry settings and get notified when something comes up.

Sync with your Calendar

Never miss a task with calendar plug-in.

Follow your Costs

See where your spending goes and its change through time.

Track Health Records

Open veterinary cases and track the animals’ health.

Assign to Experiments

Create experiments and assign animals to them.

Track Breeder Efficiency

Don’t waste resources on inefficient breeders, check in depth statistics about your breeding’s performance.

Estimate your Breeding Needs

Prevent under- and over-breeding, determine exactly how many breeders you should set up.

Rotate your Breeders

Easily rotate your sires between breedings.

Run Census

Check your colony is up to date by running a cage inventory.

Consolidate Cages

Reduce costs by consolidating half-empty cages.

Visualize Identification

Easily visualize your animal’s ear punch so you never pick the wrong one!

Assign Procedures

Assign procedure/surgery cards to your animals.

Track Body Weight Change

Track the body weight progression of your animals.

Assign Automatic Labels

Set parameters to automatically label animals.

...and much more!

Available across all iOS devices

Coming soon to your computer!