Smarter colony management. Better research.


Thoughtfully plan your experiments and avoid unnecessary breeding.


Efficiently manage your colony and make the most out of each animal.


Improve animal welfare through better oversight and individualized data.

Why Tails?


An intuitive and easy-to-use interface provides all of your colony information right at your fingertip.


In-depth statistics are automatically calculated to help you to understand your colony and see where inefficiencies lay.


Real-time notifications and calendar plugins ensure you never miss a colony task and maximize your efficiency.

Financial savings

By helping you manage an efficient colony, Tails will minimize your overall animal numbers, reducing the financial burden of your colony and allowing you to re-allocate funds towards other experiments.

Reduced workload

With all of your colony information at your fingertips, spend less time worrying about your colony sheet and more time focusing on your experiments.

Improved colony health

In line with the 3R’s, Tails allows you to reduce and refine your animal use, preventing the needless breeding of animals and improving the quality of care of those that you keep.

Discover how Tails can help!